Glass Pendant Ideas for your Kitchen

When choosing glass pendants for your kitchen, there are many things to consider.

Are they going to be suspended above any cooking areas?

If so this will make them a cleaning nightmare!

Is salt a factor for your location?

If so, choose a frosted or bubbled glass that won’t show it up as much.

 Will you have another source of light for your task?

If you are relying only on your pendant lights for chopping and cooking etc, make sure you choose a good source of light, higher wattage LED or lighter colour to assist with reflectance.

Glass pendants are a fabulous way of adding your personal touch without creating a solid barrier between spaces, they can keep a space feeling open and light.

Pop in to see us for some suggestions or recommendations.

Online Lighting Design

Coming “soon” will be our online lighting design.

Its taken a while but Brad Danckert has put down on paper his years of design experience. This simple set of lighting designs will show you ideas on how to light each room in your home, what products will work and where to place them.

If this interests you, send us an email and be the first to use this unique program.

Somersby House

Avoca Lighting were delighted to be involved in an amazing project designed by architect Matt Woodward and Cochran Constructions at Somersby and the end result. The main lighting products specified were supplied by Lumascape Australia, Light This Light That and Gamma Illumination. More pictures are on our portfolio page.

PROJECTS Whats happening

Avoca Lighting is currently working on many projects at the moment on the Central Coast and Sunshine coast.

We are excited to be involved with EDH Architects with their two projects, Hammond House & Baugmart House. Both are amazing homes, very different in styles and lighting. We aim to follow these projects during construction with an insight to installation requirements of some special lighting requirements.

Avoca Lighting have just completed the lighting on projects for Diana Thomas Architect, Rob Puller from Artichoke Design, Matt Woodward Architect and Ian Westlake Building. The lighting and products used in these homes will be featured in coming news and the challenges that are evolving with LED as the lighting source.