Designer Lighting

Deka Brass Deck Light

Description: The DEKA inground luminaire provides a practical solution for inground lighting. With its solid brass trim and aluminium anodised body the DEKA will look appealing in any application from landscape, buildings, courtyards to sculptures.

Data: The DEKA recessed inground uplighter is made from the highest quality solid brass four way trim, black anodised body, 316 stainless fixings, Warm White 3000K, 3 x 1W Cree LED, 12V DC, 210 lumens, clear glass lens, Constant Current to Constant Voltage converter, 2000kgs drive over, polycarbonate housing. IP67 rated.

Size: Front face: 88mm | Overall height: 95mm

Options: This fitting requires a Constant Voltage DC driver located in the power supply section of this catalogue. The DEKA may be dimmed via 1-10V DC with the correct controller located in the Controller section of this catalogue.



Available in: Round Open, One way, Two Way, Three Way or Four Way

Colour: Warm White 3000K